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About Me

My name is Veronica and I am a tsumami zaiku self-taught artist.

This ancient Japanese technique allows to create silk flowers for hair accessories through little squares of fabric pinched with tweezers, folded and glued together. I came to it starting from my passion for Japanese culture, both pop than traditional, and arriving to the word kanzashi: it is inaccurate word (kanzashi means hair accessories like hairsticks and combs) but it allowed a technique reserved to geisha and kimono to come out of Japan and intrigue the West.

After the first captivating impression, my research has gone deeper and have led to the creation of MOMO Kanzashi which from 2015 tries to reproduce Japanese masterpieces and to create something totally original and far from laws and traditions too.  Japanese aesthetic joined my love for nature and animals and the passion for decorative motifs, and together they formed my creative style.

I had the honor and the pleasure to work for geisha from Kyoto and Tokyo and for customers from all around the world.

Until now there aren’t subjects I did not manage to realize (like silly bird species, monsters and spaceships) and I hope to never have the chance to draw any boundaries.

In my free time I wear kimono, eat sweets and play videogames.

(つまみTsumami: to pinch, to hold between fingers, to pick up with chopsticks, tweezers, etc. 細工Zaiku: craftmanship),